Champions of Justice

The following individual donors have shared generous annual contributions totaling $1,000 or more. Their support affords us the flexibility to meet injustice where it rises and to use the tools necessary to balance the scales of justice—no matter how long it takes. We consider them to be our Champions of Justice.
The Lois and Irving Blum Foundation
Susan D. Bennett and John C. Eidleman
Katherine and Scott Bissett
Leslie and Conor Boyle
Sandra T. Brushart
Paul S. Caiola and Vanessa D. Billings
Robert Caiola and Sally Collier
Constance R. Caplan
Bobby Cherayil and Nandini Sengupta
Emried D. and Wandaleen P. Cole
Vincent Daly
Jane W. Daniels
Mary Cole Dickerman
Charles Blake and Lydia Duff
The Duker/McArdle Family Charitable Fund
Dunn Development Corp.
Deborah and Neil Eisenberg
Kathleen Elliott
Margaret Z. and Henry C. Ferguson
Yvonne Marie Flaherty
Julian Fleisher
Paula Fleisher
Susan Francis and Sandra Daniels
Akiyo Fuji
Robert E. Funk, Jr.
Michele E. and Neil K. Gilman
Thomas X. Glancy, Jr. and Charlotte A. Stivers
Stephen and Margaret Greif
Richard D. Gross and Cathy Neuman
Chad E. Harris
Heather Harris
Gregory J. and Amy A. Hemingway
Martin and Paula Himeles
Janet Hostetler
The Howard Family Fund
Richard Jacobs and Pat Lasher
The Honorable Earl Johnson, Jr.
Tassity Johnson
David A. Kandel and Betsy L. Krieger
Richard and Judith Katz
Susan B. Katzenberg
Zachary Knower
Linda F. and Julian L. Lapides
Gavriel Mairone
Aaron Merki
Margaret R. Moon
John Nethercut
Nancy Newman
Charles and Michele Oseroff
The Paige Family Foundation
Russell R. Reno, Jr.
Russell R. Reno III and Juliana Reno
William S. Reno
Tonya Robinson and Paul Oostburg Sanz
Delegate Samuel I. Rosenberg
Christopher R. and Carla Ryon
Stephen H. and Sheila K. Sachs
The Honorable John P. and Dina E. Sarbanes
The Honorable Paul S. Sarbanes
Schulte Roth & Zabel LLP
Victoria Schultz and Osman Bengur
Joseph Sellers and Laurie Davis
M. Sigmund and Barbara K. Shapiro Philanthropic Fund
Ronald and Kathryn Shapiro
Leah and Benjamin Spero
Mark and Carol Steinbach
James T. Stiver and Nancy Farley
Maureen A. Sweeney and Frederick C. Bauerschmidt
Sanford and Karen Teplitzky
Trevor Vaughan
Stephen and Marianne Walsh
Michael K. and Annette M. Wasno
Christine E. Webber and J. Wesley McClain, III
Jean Zachariasiewicz and Jordon Steele
The Bea & David Zack Memorial Foundation Inc.
Liza Zamd