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Education Stability Resources

Brochure: The Rights of Homeless Children to an Education - English

Brochure: The Rights of Homeless Children to an Education - Spanish

Access to Education for Children in State-Supervised Care
Education Rights of Children in State Care (DSS, DJS, or DHMH)

Brochure: The Rights of Children in Foster Care to an Education - English

Brochure: Sent home, suspended, or expelled? Know your child’s rights!

Brochure: ¿Lo enviaron a casa, lo suspendieron o lo expulsaron? ¡Conozca los derechos de su hijo!


Prisoners' Rights Resources

Just Kids: Baltimore's Youth in the Adult Criminal Justice System



Human Right to Housing Project Resources

Justice Diverted: How Renters are Processed in the Baltimore City Rent Court

Community + Land + Trust: Tools for Development without Displacement

Evictions in Baltimore City: Procedures for Tenants and Landlords, Baltimore Neighborhoods, Inc.

Landlords and Tenants: Tips on Avoiding Disputes, Maryland Attorney General's Office, Consumer Protection Division

Brochure: Renters Have Rights when their Landlord is Facing Foreclosure

Flier: Legal services for renters at Baltimore City District Court

Eviction Prevention Resource Guide, Baltimore City District Court

Top 10 Tenant's Rights in Maryland

HOME Act Fact Sheet

Public Justice Center testimony on Port Covington development - September 8, 2016

Baltimore City Council bill #18-0308 on source of income discrimination - Fact Sheet

Workplace Justice Project Resources

Wage theft brochure - English

Folleto sobre el robo de sueldo - Español

Worker misclassification brochure - English

Worker misclassification brochure - Spanish

Collecting Unpaid Wages & Enforcing Judgments in Maryland: A Guide to Judgment Enforcement, Asset Investigation, and Employer Accountability

Healthy Working Families Act 2018 - Frequently Asked Questions

Safe leave - Frequently Asked Questions

Language Access

Language Access Toolkit: Language access resource for Maryland state government offices, produced by the Maryland Department of Human Resources and the Governor's Office of Community Initiatives