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Maryland's whistleblower laws need teeth

By Sally Dworak-Fisher and Rena Steinzor

December 4, 2014

In 2013, about 25,000 Maryland workers suffered on-the-job injuries severe enough to force them to miss a day or more of work; 78 of them actually died from their injuries. Year after year, a few tragic fact patterns repeat more often than you might expect: arborists crushed by falling trees, construction workers tumbling from ladders and roadwork crews run over by passing motorists.

All of these deaths are preventable and in many cases could have been avoided if employers had simply followed the workplace safety laws already on the books. But bosses cut corners to speed up a project, to avoid the capital costs of installing new or safer equipment or just because they don't respect the rules. We often hear from workers who see this kind of bad behavior by their employers but are afraid to speak out for fear of losing a job or hours or a promotion.

Read the full op-ed on strengthening whistleblower laws here.

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