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Daily Record on PJC/ACLU Action to Revive Consent Decree Against City Jail

Summarized from a Daily Record article from June 11, 2004, about the Public Justice Center's and ACLU's litigation to revive the consent decree on conditions at the Baltimore City Detention Center:

The article explains that, on June 25, 2004, Judge Frederick Motz of the United States District Court will decide whether or not to terminate the long-standing consent decree that currently governs conditions of the Baltimore City Detention Center ("BCDC"). The State of Maryland has asked that Judge Motz terminate the decree pursuant to the Prison Litigation Reform Act ("PLRA"). The PLRA was passed by Congress in 1996, and it imposed new burdens and obstacles to prisoner lawsuits. Under the PLRA, a court must terminate a consent decree unless it finds that continued relief is necessary to correct a current and ongoing constitutional violation. The State of Maryland is basically seeking termination on the grounds that because it plans to improve things in the future the conditions at BCDC do not violate the Constitution. We, of course, disagree.

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