Caring for our caregivers: Enforcing the rights of home care workers



Justice for Breakfast discussion series

April 20, 2016 ~ 8:15 am

Wage theft is endemic in Maryland’s home care industry, which includes more than 30,000 low-wage workers across the state. Home care workers – the personal care aides and home health aides who care for some of society’s most vulnerable people – were historically excluded from the bedrock wage-and-hour protections that exist for nearly every other category of worker in America. This exclusion was rooted in racism, and refused to recognize any sort of so-called domestic work as true labor. Despite the fact that federal and state law finally protect home care workers, many staffing agencies ignore those protections and continue to refuse to pay these workers – who are usually women of color and/or immigrants – the overtime and travel time wages to which they’re entitled. The Public Justice Center’s Home Care Worker Initiative seeks to eliminate wage theft in Maryland’s home care industry by educating workers about their rights, suing offending home care agencies, and engaging stakeholders to ensure that the new protections actually benefit the workers. Join us to learn more about issues facing Maryland’s home care workers and how the PJC is fighting the rampant wage theft that plagues this long-marginalized worker population. 

Hosted by Brown, Goldstein & Levy LLP
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Baltimore, MD 21202

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