Rethink the youth jail


The Just Kids Partnership is participating in the following event:

Recharge Schools! Rethink the Youth Jail!
Join over 30 organizations to march for youth opportunities, not jails
Tuesday, October 4th 5:00 pm
Starting from
Baltimore City Detention Center (BCDC)
401 E. Eager Street
Baltimore, MD
Join our alliance that has a plan to keep Baltimore safe and help our youth succeed:
•Stop the jail
•Reallocate the funds to build the facilities Baltimore youth deserve
Baltimore youth deserve:
•Quality education in state-of-the-art buildings 
•Access to vocational centers and employment
•Community rec centers
•Safe and decent homes
Why is the state:
•Building a $100 million jail that's not needed?
•Spending $500,000 per bed on an unnecessary jail to house youth charged as adults when they can responsibly house these youth in existing facilities?
A new youth jail will not make the community safer and it will not help our youth.
For more information, call Kara or Rashad at 410-706-3940