Advocating for Maryland Values - Moving Forward from Sine Die


Baltimore Marriott Inner Harbor at Camden Yards
110 S. Eutaw Street
Baltimore, MD 21201
University Ballroom
9:00 AM - 12:00 PM

Together, Job Opportunities Task Force, Maryland Alliance for the Poor, Maryland CASH Campaign, Maryland Center on Economic Policy, Maryland Citizens Health Initiative, Maryland Consumer Rights Coalition, Community Development Network of Maryland, Associated Black Charities, Maryland Citizens for the Arts, Public Justice Center, Maryland Nonprofits and 1000 Friends of Maryland, are sponsoring a joint event to focus on protecting and advancing policies to improve quality of life in Maryland.
Can you play a role in protecting and advancing important policies and investments for Maryland’s communities?  Are you tired of the mantra of “doing more with less” and the constant drumbeat of potential cuts from the federal level?  How can we strengthen our impact on the public and decision-makers? How do we promote the policies and public investments needed to reach and benefit all Maryland communities including:
  • Arts, Culture and Recreation
  • Consumer Protection
  • Criminal Justice
  • Education
  • Environmental Protections
  • Equity and Social Justice
  • Health Care
  • Social Safety Net Services
Focusing on how to move forward, we will:  
  • Take stock of where the legislative session left us, including the major budget problem already addressed for the upcoming budget year, and the enormous threats added to that by potential changes in federal policy directions
  • Learn how we each, and working together, can make policy solutions and the revenues to support them more achievable by effectively framing our own messages and avoiding counterproductive language
  • Practice and discuss framing and messaging lessons in small groups, to strengthen or launch new partnerships for our own and our common goal.
Join us on June 8th as we launch this collaborative effort, “Advocating for Maryland Values.” If you can’t make it but are ready to watch and listen, you can follow the event live online from the Maryland Nonprofits member community.
The speakers include:
  • Camilla Roberson, Chair, Maryland Alliance for the Poor and Public Justice Center attorney
  • Meg Bostrom, Co-founder for Topos
  • Josh Kurtz, Co-founder for Maryland Matters
  • Simon Powell, Ph.D., Operating Budget Manager for Maryland General Assembly
Coffee and tea will be available for event attendees.  

For registration information, see here.